The 10 Backup Mistakes MSPs Make

And how to avoid them

By the very nature of the potential disruptions that require backups, the business of backups is anything but predictable – you’re creating backups because you don’t know which system will crash, which data will be accidentally deleted, or which location will lose power. And it’s this unpredictability that causes MSPs to make mistakes that inevitably cause problems, whether during backup itself or during recovery.
In this eBook, we’ve partnered with Steve Putnam, Senior Cloud Solutions Architect and backup expert at Connecticut-based MSP PC Wizard to offer up ten common backup mistakes made by MSPs and provide guidance around what you can do to avoid making them yourself.

Throughout the remainder of this eBook, we’ve broken down the ten mistakes into four distinct aspects of your backup offering, each given a chapter of its’ own:

  • Backup Mistakes
  • Management Mistakes
  • Recovery Mistakes
  • Business Mistakes

Read this free eBook and avoid the most common backup hurdles to never lose a bit of information again!