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3 Reasons To Pick a Storage-Agnostic Backup and DR Vendor

Get full control over where you store data as well as storage pricing and features

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Many backup and disaster recovery (BDR) vendors in the market host backups in their own clouds. While this doesn’t sound like a big deal, it can be, especially when considering pricing, feature set, and security.

Decoupling cloud storage from the BDR solution puts customers in control of where their backups reside, giving them additional insights into security and pricing.

Being able to control your backups enables you to protect data from an ever-increasing threat landscape and unexpected price hikes.

Proprietary cloud storage was once a competitive advantage for some backup and disaster recovery vendors. Those times have gone, though. There is fierce competition in the cloud storage market. The biggest vendors are doing their best to create the most feature-rich solutions on the one hand, and constantly lower the prices on the other. In the other corner, there are newcomer market disruptors who offer exceptional quality, coupling that with the lowest-imaginable price. And the users are reaping the benefits.

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