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Ransomware 2022 Deep Dive: What MSPs Can Learn From This Year’s Most Prevalent Cyberattacks

See what can be learned from ransomware attack methods.

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About Whitepaper

There is no other type of cyberattack today that is more prevalent, pervasive, and damaging as ransomware. With nearly 200 active ransomware families, it’s no surprise that 87% of organizations rank cyberattacks as the number one threat to their business.

So, how can you as an MSP assist your SMB customers to prevent ransomware attacks from taking hold when (not if) they occur?

This guide will focus on three of the most prevalent ransomware families in 2022: 

  • Conti Ransomware
  • LockBit Ransomware
  • BlackCat Ransomware
  • What MSPs Can Learn From Ransomware Attacks

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