Guide to MSP Job Interview: 20 Key Questions to Ask

Learn more about conducting effective job interviews in the managed services industry

When it comes to those conducting the interviews, information on how to behave, which questions to ask and so on is more difficult to find. Complicating the challenge is the fact that many managers and business owners in the IT industry -- and especially in the MSP space -- come from technical backgrounds, and have little formal experience in areas such as HR. As a result, they may struggle to conduct effective interviews.

That challenge places many MSP businesses at a disadvantage. A poorly conducted job interview is not only bad for the interviewee who suffers through it, but also for the company trying to find the right person to fill a new role.

To help MSPs avoid these outcomes, this white paper offers guidance on how to conduct effective job interviews in the managed services industry.

In this free whitepaper we also cover:
  • How to prepare for the job interview;
  • Steps for holding the interview;
  • Common non-technical questions;
  • Technical questions.