The MSP's Technical Guide to Backup-as-a-Service

Define the basic options, possible features and capabilities of your BaaS offering

There are two key reasons any new service should be considered by an MSP: it’s needed by your customer, and you generate a profit providing it. The first is critical — without customer need, you are offering a solution looking for a problem.

In the case of BaaS, backups are essential now more than ever. Keeping your business operational is a requirement just to remain competitive. Backups create an ability to respond to disasters caused by people, system failure and weather. In addition, threats like malware attacks infecting endpoints and ransomware encrypting data and systems both require backups to bring the business back into a known good state.

We discuss:

  • How to define the basic options of your BaaS offering
  • What are the possible features and capabilities of your backup solution
  • How to choose between cloud, local and hybrid storage options
  • How to choose the correct recovery options