Moving Clients Back On-Premises: Guide for MSPs

Handling network configurations, applications, remote systems, and data

If you support companies whose employees worked from home during the coronavirus pandemic, you may now find yourself helping those companies to move their employees back to the office. To make this transition smoothly and securely, MSPs must address a variety of factors.

This process requires some work and effort, but there are solutions that make it easier. MSPs can also save time by thinking intelligently about which systems should be kept available in case their clients need to transition to remote work again.

This guide explains what MSPs should be thinking about beyond data migration, as they help their clients move back to normal, in-office operations.

Read our free guide to learn more about moving the workforce back on-premises in terms of:

  • Network configurations;
  • Handling applications that were moved off-premises;
  • Handling remote systems and data;
  • And even more.