Minimize Business Downtime with These Recovery Essentials

Explore the advanced tools for workload recovery MSP360 Backup offers to MSPs

Your clients don’t care about the technical details of your backup offering. But what they do care about is your ability to recover their data quickly, whether it’s a single lost file or a production server. At the same time, you as a managed IT provider are well aware of the variety of dangers that threaten your customers’ data. These include local and cloud ransomware attacks, failed hardware, software and OS updates that went wrong, and the most inevitable of them all – mistakenly deleted files.

That said, your clients’ business continuity directly depends on how feature-rich your recovery toolbox is. In this whitepaper  we will overview the variety of advanced tools MSP360 Backup offers to managed services providers to ensure they can recover just about any workload in just about any scenario.

This whitepaper covers various recovery scenarios with MSP360 Backup:

  • Direct-to-cloud recovery;
  • Recovery with bootable drive;
  • File-level and VM restore;
  • Remote recovery