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Comprehensive Guide

to IT Procurement for SMBs

IT procurement process and tips all SMB IT managers need to know

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About Whitepaper

IT procurement is one of the most critical, but also most complex, processes for any small or medium-sized business (SMB) to manage. It involves a range of steps, that require careful planning in order to avoid cost overruns, delays and other problems that can undercut the value of an IT
procurement process. 

In this whitepaper, we lay out the key stages of IT procurement and what SMBs should expect at each stage. We also discuss best practices for managing the IT procurement process, the merits of leasing instead of buying IT resources and which software tools are available to help streamline IT procurement.

The topics covered: 

  • Key IT procurement process steps;
  • How to develop an IT procurement plan;
  • IT procurement software overview;
  • Best practices for IT procurement;
  • Leasing vs. buying IT equipment;
  • And more.

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