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How to Achieve Total Backup Security with MSP360 Managed Backup

Learn how to keep your users’ datasets safe on all sides

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How to achieve total backup security preview 2

About Whitepaper

Major data breaches affecting more than 100,000 users appear in the news every week, and minor ones are countless. It’s not only cyberattacks that are to blame; sometimes data is left unsecured due to human error or simple carelessness. Considering this, it is vital to choose a backup solution that will keep your data safe. It should be protected both from hackers and from end users who might harm security just because of lack of knowledge.

In this whitepaper, we’ll describe:

  • How to Protect the MSP360 Managed Backup Console
  • How to Avoid Errors Caused by End Users
  • How to Protect Your Backed-Up Data

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