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Elevating Your Backup Game: Achieving “Cyberstorage”

Discover what is cyberstorage and how to achieve it.

Elevating Your Backup Game: Achieving “Cyberstorage”
Elevating Your Backup Game: Achieving “Cyberstorage”

About Whitepaper

In the realm of data protection, organizations are constantly seeking to take advantage of any new technology that may give them the upper hand against cyberattacks that seek to manipulate (in the case of ransomware attacks targeting operational data) or destroy (in the case of backups) crucial data. This latest word – cyberstorage – meaning an ability to protect data at rest from cyberattack, arouses examination, as organizations ask the questions: What is it? What value does it offer? and Is it achievable today?

In this guide, we talk about cyberstorage and overview these questions:

  • What is cyberstorage
  • The current state of cyberattacks and storage
  • What technologies help you achieve cyberstorage in practice today

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