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Cost-Effective MSP Backup

with Backblaze B2 and MSP360

Learn more about a powerful solution for MSPs looking to offer Backup-as-a-Service

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About Whitepaper

When put together, Backblaze cloud storage and MSP360 Managed Backup software offer one of the lowest-cost backup and recovery solutions on the market. But they are also among the most reliable and feature-rich solutions, proving that you can achieve cloud backup that is both affordable and high-performing.

Read our free whitepaper to take a look at the key features that Backblaze and MSP360 offer when creating backup solutions, and how using them in tandem can maximize business profitability.

The topics covered:

  • What is Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage?
  • MSP-friendly backup with MSP360
  • Better together: how these tools maximize key aspects of your business

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