5 Steps to Reducing the Number of Support Calls

Maximize staff productivity and improve end-user satisfaction by minimizing the number of support calls

When your agents spend all day taking calls from clients, other areas of the help desk, such as ticket escalation management, creation of documents and knowledge articles, and training, may suffer. Clients also become irritated when they desperately need support but end up waiting interminably in long call queues.

Not only do support calls increase pressure on your IT help desk, but they also increase the number of unexpected jobs that your technical team has to deal with. In some cases, your team has to be on-site to successfully resolve the issues that caused the clients to put in a support call. And this directly impacts your profitability, because such jobs increase your service delivery costs — which negatively impacts revenue.

The whitepaper overviews the following ways to decrease the number of MSP help desk calls:

  • Creating guides and training for end-users;
  • Reviewing common tickets and creating canned responses;
  • Standardizing policies and processes;
  • And a lot more.