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What’s New at MSP360?

A lot has happened at MSP360 lately. We've implemented dozens of amazing features in Managed Backup such as:

- Integrated Amazon S3 storage with industry-first flat pricing of $23/TB 
- The new backup format to greatly speed up your backups and restores
- GFS archival strategy to optimize your full backups and save on cloud storage
- Restore verification to make sure your backups are always ready to be restored
- Client-side deduplication to reduce time, bandwidth, and storage consumption, and many other

Not only that, we have rapidly expanded our portfolio beyond Managed Backup. The recent releases of both our new, fully-integrated RMM and Managed Remote Desktop perfectly complement our backup solution to help MSPs and IT Teams securely manage large, independent, and geographically separated environments.

Join us for a live discussion with our CEO, Brian Helwig, and VP of Product Marketing, David Gugick, to learn all about how the new features will help streamline your business operations and improve profitability.

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Brian Helwig


David Gugick

VP, Product Marketing, MSP360

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