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The Use (and Misuse) of AI in Cybersecurity: Exploring Two Sides of the Same Coin

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Even before ChatGPT wowed the world, artificial intelligence (AI) has been in use by both cybersecurity vendors and adversaries alike.  The ability to identify trends, weaknesses, and threats more quickly and accurately than human efforts alone made AI the perfect tool for both sides of the battle for access to your organization's systems, applications, and data.

So, what does the current landscape look like for AI as both attacker and defender and how can you best take advantage of the right subsets of AI to improve your cybersecurity stance?

Join Guy Caspi, CEO of Deep Instinct, Nick Cavalancia, CEO of Techvangelism, and Brian Helwig, CEO of MSP360, as they discuss:

  • How AI and Deep Learning are being leveraged for both offensive and defensive purposes in the cybersecurity landscape
  • The potential benefits and risks associated with using these technologies
  • Points within your cybersecurity defenses where AI can be most impactful