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The Role of Cyberstorage in Stopping Modern Ransomware Attacks

Which is a more devastating impact from a ransomware attack: the encryption of just about everything brining production to a halt, or the theft and publication of terabytes of sensitive data? Regardless of which answer you choose, today’s ransomware attacks zero in on your accessing most important, critical, sensitive, and valuable data.  New storage protection concepts like cyberstorage offer organizations an ability to prevent the success of ransomware attacks, but not everyone has cyberstorage today… or do they?

So, what is cyberstorage and how can it specifically be used to stop ransomware attacks?

In this educational webinar, join 4-time Microsoft MVP,  Nick Cavalancia, as he discusses:

  • The current state of ransomware attack chains
  • Defining cyberstorage: present and future
  • How to build a cyberstorage strategy that stops ransomware attacks using the security solutions you have today

Presented by

 Nick Cavalancia
Nick Cavalancia

4-time Microsoft MVP

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