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The Role of Backup and Recovery in the New Ransomware Economy

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Ransomware has evolved over the last few years, with many ransomware gangs moving from encryption as the means of extorting a ransom to simply exfiltrating data and threatening to publish.

Backups play a critical role in recovering an environment after an attack, but what value do they bring in today’s ransomware economy?

Join MSP360 along with Nick Cavalancia from Conversational Geek and Tyler Wrightson from Leet Cybersecurity as they discuss:

  • The ransomware reality – what’s really happening during ransomware attacks?
  • The ransomware aftermath – what state is a victim network in post-attack?
  • The ransomware recovery – what recovery efforts are really necessary to bring a business back to a state of operations?
  • The future of ransomware – what will ransomware look like in the coming year, and how should you prepare?

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