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Shifting from Cybersecurity to Cyber Resilience: It’s all in the Prevention and Response

The idea of planning for and responding to a cyberattack – whether by effectively stopping it before it starts, or by returning impacted operations back to a known-functional and known-secure state – cyber resilience elevates your cybersecurity offering from insurance policy of sorts to a service that aligns with your customer’s business objectives to stay secure and operational.

Join former MSP owner and 4-time Microsoft MVP, Nick Cavalancia, along with Joe Santamorena, AVP MSSP Programs at Deep Instinct, and Kurt Abrahams, VP of Marketing at MSP360, as they discuss:

  • The current state of attacks and the impact on MSP customers
  • How a cyber resilience offering requires both preventative and responsive measures
  • Practical guidance on how to best prevent attacks while being able to restore operations should an attack occur


Presented by

Kurt Abrahams
Kurt Abrahams

VP of Marketing at MSP360

Nick Cavalancia
Nick Cavalancia

Former MSP owner and 4-time Microsoft MVP

Joseph Santamorena

AVP - Global MSSP Programs at Deep Instinct

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