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Ransomware 101: Every Insight and Tool You’ll Need To Play Defense

Cybercrime rose by nearly 600% during the pandemic and Ransomware was one of the main culprits for this steep increase. MSPs and IT Teams are still scrabbling to bolster their security stack in order to defend against potential attacks. Join us for our 2-hour class with Dr. Christine Izuakor, a cybersecurity expert as we discuss:
  • Ransomware 101
  • The Colonial Pipeline Breach, Kaseya, and more
  • Ransomware as a Service
  • Anti-Virus is not enough
  • Ransomware Detection and Prevention Tools
  • Backup in Your in Ransomware Protection Strategy 

Presented by

Mask Group (21)
Christine Izuakor

Cybersecurity Expert and CEO of Cyber Pop-up

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