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5 Common Myths About Cloud Backup for MSPs

As an MSP, you are expected to be a trusted advisor to your customers, so should you trust the cloud to store your customers’ backup data? There’s a lot of misinformation out there about trusting your backups to the cloud. Even worse, some of the most common myths about cloud backup are still being circulated.

In this interactive panel discussion you will hear firsthand from an MSP who had these same concerns, as well as the experts from MSP360 and Wasabi to help you navigate migration to the cloud.

The discussion covers:
Myth 1 - The Cloud may not be Secure Enough
Myth 2 - The Cloud isn’t Fast Enough
Myth 3 - The Cloud is Difficult to Manage
Myth 4 - The Cloud is too Expensive
Myth 5 - Cloud Costs are too Unpredictable

Presented by

David Gugick
VP, Product Marketing @ MSP360
Mask Group (2)-3-1
David Boland
Wasabi Dir. Product Marketing
Mask Group (3)-4-1
John Hall
Sausalito Networking

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