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MSP360 Master Class Series

How MSPs Can Book More Appointments
Part 2: Leveraging LinkedIn as a Critical Sales Platform for Appointment Setting

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The MSP360 Sales Master Class Series - "How MSPs Can Book More Appointments With Cold Outreach".

We wanted to give back to the MSP community that helped MSP360 become what it is today. With that, we're offering a Sales Master Class completely free of charge!

More than 40% of sellers say that prospecting is the most challenging part of the sales process. It is even more difficult when prospects are facing economic uncertainty. This is why we have collaborated with Donald C. Kelly to craft this three-part webinar series focused on some of the best practices to help you improve your sales outreach.

In Part 2 "Leveraging LinkedIn as a Critical Sales Platform for Appointment Setting", participants will learn Donald’s three-part LinkedIn formula designed to establish authority, capture the attention of business prospects, and start conversations with ideal customers that naturally turn into booked appointments. Sellers will also learn how to incorporate a sales navigator to book more appointments.