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MSP Guide to Cyber Insurance: Protecting Yourself and Your Clients, Part 2

Learn the essential aspects of cyber insurance compliance to shield your organization against ransomware
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With the relentless rise of ransomware attacks posing a significant threat to businesses across the board, it has become crucial to take proactive measures to ensure their safety. 

Join us for our newest webinar, where Joseph Brunsman, cyber insurance expert, Nick Cavalancia, 4-time Microsoft MVP and Kurt Abrahams, VP of Marketing from MSP360, delve into the essential aspects of cyber insurance compliance and offer valuable insights to shield your organization against the ever-evolving ransomware landscape.

During this webinar, we will explore the following key topics:

  • Adapting to the evolving cyber threat landscape: understanding the shift in cyber insurance requirements
  • Effective strategies for reducing cyber insurance expenses and counteracting ransomware attacks
  • The vital role of Object Lock (Immutability) and 2FA: a necessity explained

Presented by
Nick Cavalancia
Nick Cavalancia
4-time Microsoft MVP
Joseph Brunsman
Joseph Brunsman
Founder and President, Brunsman Advisory Group
Kurt Abrahams
Kurt Abrahams
VP of Marketing, MSP360
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