Grow your MSP Business with MSP360 and AWS

Managed Service Providers are entrusted with protecting customer data against accidental or malicious data loss. Backup has become a necessary service offering for all MSPs, but finding the right mix of products with the needed power and flexibility, and at a manageable cost, can be a daunting task. The combined solution of MSP360 Managed Backup and Amazon Web Services S3 cloud storage provides a powerful and affordable solution for service providers: small and large.

Join MSP360 and AWS for an open discussion about the power of this combined solution and hear from a real customer who tells his own story about the decision to use MSP360 / AWS to protect his customers!

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Anthony Fiore (Sr. Partner Solutions Architect , Storage, AWS)
Anthony Fiore
Sr. Partner Solutions Architect, Storage, AWS
David Gugick
VP Product Management, MSP360
Chris Ritchie
Chris Ritchie
CTO, Community Brands