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Elevating Your Backup Game: Achieving “Cyberstorage”

Every once in a while the analyst firms get a term right.  Back in 2010, Forrester analyst John Kindervag coined the term “Zero Trust” and it launched an entire industry of solutions.  Last year, Gartner coined the term “cyberstorage” as part of a report on storage and data Protection technologies to reflect the changing need for organizations to better protect their operational and backup data. But what exactly is “cyberstorage”, why should you care, and is it even possible to achieve today?

Topics will include:
  • Do I really need to pay attention to yet *another* buzzword? (Spoiler alert: Yes!)
  • What makes up cyberstorage from Gartner’s perspective?
  • How can you practically achieve cyberstorage today?

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Nick Cavalancia

4-time Microsoft MVP

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