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Achieving Cyberstorage with MSP360 and Amazon S3

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It’s no secret that ransomware events will remain one of top security concerns for companies in 2023. Ransomware is still dominating the news, with some events involving an attempted deletion of backups to help ensure a ransom is paid. It’s critical to develop a defensive security posture and protect your systems and data against ransomware events – backup and recovery is one way to accomplish this.

Best practices must evolve  to mitigate new risks that emerge in the future. According to Gartner Research, Cyberstorage is a model of storage that is designed to not just hold your organization’s data, but also protect it from cyber threats.

So, what does it take to achieve a state of Cyberstorage?

In this educational webcast, join former MSP owner, Nick Cavalancia, along with Tom Harwood, Principal Storage Specialist for Amazon S3, and Brian Helwig, CEO of MSP360 as they discuss:

  • Why the cybersecurity strategy you have for your customers requires Cyberstorage
  • How you can harden your data protection solution by leveraging vulnerability detection and management tools
  • How Cyberstorage can augment your cybersecurity / cyber resilience offerings
  • How MSP360 and Amazon S3 can assist in helping customers better protect themselves and work towards attaining a state of Cyber Storage
  • Layers of defense using Amazon S3 storage and MSP360 – Object Lock, Amazon Macie and Amazon Guard duty


Presented by
Brian Helwig
Brian Helwig
Nick Cavalancia
Nick Cavalancia
4-time Microsoft MVP
Tom Harwood
Tom Harwood
Principal Storage Specialist for Amazon S3
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