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A Practical Guide to Ransomware: Protecting Your Backups with MSP360 and Wasabi

Join us for a discussion with Drew Schlussel, Dir Product Marketing from Wasabi, and David Gugick, VP of Product Marketing from MSP360, to learn how businesses can keep their costs low while protecting their data from ransomware attacks with MSP360 and Wasabi.

In this webinar, we cover:

  • The role of backup in your data protection strategy and the different ways to backup your servers, applications, and data
  • What MSP360’s new object lock capabilities mean for users looking for the highest level of data protection
  • How does Wasabi cloud storage factor into that approach for air-gapped backups and fast recovery

Presented by

David Gugick
David Gugick

VP, Product Management, MSP360

Drew Schlussel
Drew Schlussel

Dir Product Marketing, Wasabi

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