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Top Cyber Security Obstacles for MSPs and How to Overcome Them

As an MSP, you are under an overwhelming amount of pressure to not only monitor and manage every aspect of your clients’ networks 24/7, but also to keep them secure from the growing amount of hackers trying to gain access to the great wealth of data they possess. Join David Gugick, VP of Product Management @ MSP360, Jon Murchison, CEO @ Blackpoint Cyber & Scott Sanders, Founder @ ITBOG to obtain an in-depth look into the main challenges that MSPs face in the realm of cyber security and the steps you can take to conquer them—ensuring top-tier, world-class protection for you and your clients.

The discussion covers:

  • Losing sight of the backup plan
  • Cyber security tabletop exercises  
  • The importance of patching
  • Selling the most effective solution


David Gugick headshot
David Gugick

VP, Product Management, MSP360

Jonathan Murchison, CEO, Blackpoint Cyber
Jonathan Murchison

CEO, BlackpointCyber

Scott Sanders
Scott Sanders

Founder, ITBOG

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