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Improve your Endpoint Cybersecurity with MSP360 and Deep Instinct

Antivirus, EDR and XDR solutions are often too slow and unable to deal adequately with zero-day exploits, making them less-reliable in detecting ransomware and cyber-attacks before they infect. Forget about outdated security solutions and enhance your endpoint security with MSP360 and Deep Instinct.
Deep Instinct implements a prevention-first approach to threat detection with its automated, light-weight technology, using the world's first and only deep-learning cybersecurity solution. Join Joseph Santamorena, AVP - Global MSSP Programs at Deep Instinct and David Gugick, VP of Product Management from MSP360 as they discuss:
  • The threat landscape overview
  • Why customers all over the world are moving to Deep Instinct
  • How Deep Instinct integrates with the MSP360 platform


Presented by

David Gugick

VP, Product Management, MSP360

Joseph Santamorena

AVP - Global MSSP Programs at Deep Instinct

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